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The Great Paella Experiment, Part Two: Seafood Paella

Last week, Alexa and I made paella for the first time. We made it with chicken and chorizo instead of seafood because that seemed like a good beginner’s recipe. But no one remains a beginner for long! Last night, the Great Paella Experiment of 2015 continued with Part 2: Seafood Paella! We used a slightly modified version of this recipe, utilizing hake, a firm, tasty whitefish, as our fish of choice, in addition to mussels, clams, and shrimp, all of which we purchased fresh at the Lobster Place at Chelsea Market.

So how did it turn out? Freaking amazing! Even better than the chicken and chorizo recipe! (And lighter, too. It didn’t sit so heavily in my stomach afterwards.)

As before, Alexa did most of the work, so I documented the experience from start to finish with photos on my Twitter account. And as before, I have Storified those tweets for easy viewing.

Behold: the Great Paella Experiment, Part 2: Seafood Paella!

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