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Get in Trouble

Get in TroubleGet in Trouble by Kelly Link

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn’t think Kelly Link could become any better of a writer than she already was, but then I read GET IN TROUBLE, her fourth and most recent collection of stories. There’s a maturity to them that feels not just fresh but earned, as if it is born from the author’s own evolving experiences and emotions. There’s still whimsy and mind-blowing surrealism to be found here — thankfully so, as those are some of my favorite aspects of Link’s fiction — but they feel less offhand, less spontaneous than they have in the past. And I mean that in a good way. These are tight, well written stories filled with indelible characters who inhabit vibrant environments and find themselves in fascinating, potent situations. As with Link’s previous collections, choosing a favorite from among the stories here is a daunting task. They’re all exceptional, and whatever I decide is likely to change within the hour. That said, I think “Two Houses” and “The New Boyfriend” might be tied for the top spot, with “Secret Identity” coming a close second. Ah, but then there’s also “I Can See Right Through You”… It really is tough to choose. Regardless, this collection, like Link’s previous ones, is a gem whose every facet is worth savoring.

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