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My Readercon 26 Schedule

Readercon is just a couple of weeks away! If you’re wondering where to find me, here’s my schedule (barring any last-minute alterations):

Friday July 11

11:00 AM    F    Mystery and Speculative Crossovers. Meriah Crawford, Chris Gerwel, Greer Gilman, Nicholas Kaufmann, Adam Lipkin (leader). There are many books that draw from both the speculative fiction and mystery toolboxes, in both macro ways (China Miéville’s The City & the City and Peter F. Hamilton’s Great North Road are catalyzed by hard-boiled murder investigations) and micro ways (urban fantasy was initially defined by its relationship to noir, now often more evident in tone than in plot). Where is this crossover most satisfying? How do magic and advanced technology open up new avenues of investigation or methods of befuddling the detectives? How have trends, tropes, and developments in each genre influenced crossover works?

1:30 PM    EM    Reading: Nicholas Kaufmann. Nicholas Kaufmann. Nicholas Kaufmann reads an excerpt from a new story.

6:00 PM    CL    Kaffeeklatsch. Elizabeth Bear, Nicholas Kaufmann.

Saturday July 12

12:00 PM    EM    ChiZine. David Baillie, Elaine Chen, Gemma Files, Nicholas Kaufmann, Yves Meynard, Paul Tremblay. ChiZine Group Reading

As you can see, Friday is going to be a very busy day for me! I look forward to getting to know my fellow panelists on the “Mystery and Speculative Crossovers,” most of whom I don’t know, and talking with them about one of my favorite subgenres. (Or is it a genre in itself? I don’t even know!) It should be a fun and informative time.

For my reading, I’m going to be reading from a brand new, not even sold yet story! I’m excited to have two readings this year, one solo and one with the ChiZine Publications gang. I have it on good authority that fellow CZP authors Karen Heuler and Chandler Klang Smith will also be at Readercon, so I’m hoping we can squeeze them in, too.

Kaffeeklatschen are always a risk. I did one last year and had a modest turnout, for which I was grateful because modest is better than none at all. I also didn’t share the room with anyone. I don’t think I have to worry about anything this year, though, because I’m sharing the room with Elizabeth Bear, who is an absolute powerhouse of an author (and a swell person, to boot). So if my kaffeeklatsch is measly or a bust this year, we can just join Elizabeth’s!

So that’s my schedule, folks. If I don’t see you at any of the above events, I’m sure I’ll cross paths with you in the lobby or the bookshop. Feel free to say hello, and I’ll do the same!

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  1. […] You can see my own schedule here. The one potential change is that I could also be giving my ChiZine Publications studying slot on Saturday at midday to a different ChiZine writer who doesn’t have already got a solo studying on the conference, which I do. However I don’t know for positive but, so I’ll learn from Chasing the Dragon or I’ll not! Come discover out! (Even when I’m not studying, all the opposite authors are prime notch. You gained’t be disenchanted.) […]

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