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NeonomiconNeonomicon by Alan Moore

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

What starts out as an interesting supernatural procedural in a world where Lovecraft’s mythos is real is all but undone by Moore’s nearly adolescent preoccupation with sex. It wouldn’t be an issue if the sex were portrayed as healthy and positive — I could get behind that — but here the sex is entirely non-consensual. A female character is raped during an orgy of cultists and then raped again, repeatedly, by an inhuman monster with an insatiable sexual appetite. But it’s okay, Moore assures us, because in the end it cures her of her sex addiction. Um, what? Monster rape takes up pretty much the latter half of this graphic novel, replacing everything else that was interesting about the story, to the point where entire plot lines and characters are all but forgotten. It’s too bad. There was something good here, until Moore decided he was more interested in rape scenes and monster sex than in following through with the story’s far more compelling setup.

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2 responses to “Neonomicon”

  1. risa says:

    Ick! Thanks for the warning! (Great review 🙂 )

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