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“Whatever Happened to Solstice Young?”

I’m pleased to announce the sale of my short story “Whatever Happened to Solstice Young?” to Dark Discoveries Magazine for their forthcoming vampire issue, which should be coming out in April. Amazingly, this will be my first new short story since 2014. (Unlike a lot of other writers, I can’t bang out short stories while also working on novel-length projects. I’m lucky if I can squeeze just a few in.)

When they solicited me for a vampire story, I was a little unsure what to do with it. After all, I’d never written a straight-up, legit vampire story before. The closest I’d come was “Mysteries of the Cure,” which appeared in Shivers V and was reprinted in Still Life: Nine Stories, and at best I’d say that plays with some vampiric concepts rather than being a true vampire story. But “Whatever Happened to Solstice Young?” turned out to be a doozy, one of the best stories I’ve written, if I do say so myself. (Don’t writers always say that about their newest work, though? So fresh and shiny!) I can’t wait for people to read it. I’m very proud of this one!


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