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New Interview at Library of the Damned

Monica Kuebler, Rue Morgue Magazine‘s managing editor and resident bibliophile, has a new online venture called Library of the Damned that features a welcome focus on horror literature instead of the usual movies and video games. It soft-launched with a few news items in September, including an announcement about the release of In the Shadow of the Axe, but now that October has arrived the site has launched for real with a month-long series of author interviews called “31 Days of Halloween” — and the very first author she interviews is yours truly!

Swing by the site to learn which scene in a horror novel scared me the most, what I consider the all-time scariest horror story, and more! Here’s a sneak peek, which you can click to take you to the interview:

It’s very rare that the written word truly frightens me. I think, for me, real fear relies on other parts of the brain than reading does: visual or aural stimuli, mostly. A glimpse of movement from the corner of my eye or an incongruous sound will scare me a lot more than words on a page, probably because I can have some control over the images those words put in my mind, even if that control is limited, while sights and sounds are completely out of my control.

Monica will be featuring a new horror author every day for the rest of the month. I’m deeply honored she chose to start with me. Here’s wishing Library of the Damned long life and much success!

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