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Paperbacks from Hell

Paperbacks from Hell: A History of Horror Fiction from the '70s and '80sPaperbacks from Hell: A History of Horror Fiction from the ’70s and ’80s by Grady Hendrix
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Breezy, charming, and informative, Grady Hendrix’s PAPERBACKS FROM HELL is an affectionate trip down memory lane for those of us who love horror literature. Separated into sections that focus on themes, Hendrix’s well-researched book dives deep into the trends that informed both the plots and the cover art, providing a reliable and welcome education that consistently maintains a chatty, friendly voice. His summaries of many of the novels are hilarious, perhaps even more so when you realize he’s not exaggerating; the novels really were that over the top! (Nazi S&M leprechauns, anyone?) The full-color cover art reproduced throughout the book is a real joy. I was pleasantly surprised by how many of them I recognized. I highly recommend PAPERBACKS FROM HELL for anyone with an interest in, or nostalgia for, horror literature’s most gonzo era.

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