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My Readercon 29 Schedule

Readercon 29 is just a few weeks away! I have received my programming schedule, so here’s where you can find me over the course of the convention:

Friday, July 13th (yikes!)

Kaffeeklatsch, 11:00 AM, Seven Masts
Come join me for some morning coffee and a lively discussion about my books, the writing class I will be teaching for LitReactor in the fall, lessons from my career, and the usual selection of bad jokes!

The Eternal Appeal of the Dragon, 5:00 PM, Salon 6
Dragon mythology continues to resonate for modern readers and authors. Dragons are often heroes, companions, romantic interests, sages, and mentors as well as forces of great destruction. How have stories about dragons changed over time, and what drives that change? What is it about dragons that has such enduring appeal? With Randee Dawn (moderator), Miriam Newman, Gregory A. Wilson, and my good pal Chandler Klang Smith!

Saturday, July 14th

Reading, 2:00 PM, Salon B
Come hear me read from…something!

Sunday, July 15th

How Horror Stories End, 12:00 PM, Salon 6
The reader’s expectation of a horror story’s ending — or anxiety over the question of how it will end — significantly shapes the experience of the story. Which horror stories require cathartic happy endings, and which are satisfying even when evil wins? If the reader likes everything about a horror story but the ending, does that spoil the story or just lead to fix-it fanfic? What moral messages are sent by a horror story’s ending? With Jess Nevins,¬†Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Ellen Datlow, and moderated by my brother from another mother Jack Haringa!

You can also find me attending other cool panels and readings, wandering around the lobby, or browsing the bookshop. Come say hello! I look forward to seeing you there!

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