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Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her EyesBehind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sarah Pinborough’s crackling thriller BEHIND HER EYES reminded me a lot of Paula Hawkins’s THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN in a few ways: the voice, the tone, the secrets that lie behind the facade of a seemingly perfect marriage. But EYES is very much its own novel, and what a novel it is! Lonely single mother Louise goes out one night to the local pub, meets a man she likes named David, and they kiss. The next day, she learns that not only is David married, he’s her new boss. Then Louise runs into Adele, David’s wife, on the street, and even as she embarks on an affair with David, she and Adele become fast friends. Soon Louise is leading a double life, keeping the truth from both of them, but the time to come clean is quickly running out. And that’s just the beginning! This novel is so twisty-turny, it constantly surprised me and kept me guessing. The last four pages completely blew my mind with a twist I did not see coming — and I can’t stress enough how rare it is for me not to see a twist coming these days! BEHIND HER EYES is a masterwork of suspense, marvelously written and perfectly structured. It deserves every ounce of praise that has been heaped upon it. If you’re looking for your next thriller to read, this is the book!

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