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“The Child Foretold” On Sale Now!

Good news, Warhammer fans! My Warhammer Horror original short story, “The Child Foretold,” is available as a standalone e-book as part of the 2019 Black Library Advent Calendar, in which a new story is released every day in December! (“The Child Foretold” should also be included in the forthcoming Warhammer Horror anthology Anathemas in March, but more on that later.) Here’s the publisher’s description:

On the agri world of Ballard’s Run, an invasive alien weed is killing the crops and blighting the farmers who have dedicated their lives to working the land. Kavel is one such labourer. A former member of the planet’s militia, he lost his family fighting the orks a decade ago. Now the so-called ‘warrior weed’ threatens to take all that he has left. But fate has other plans for him… A chance encounter with a wounded woman sets him on a collision course with a group that plans to bring destruction to Ballard’s Run — and nothing will stand in their way.

I’m psyched about this one! If you’re a fan of my work, I think you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t know anything about the Warhammer universe. You can buy “The Child Foretold” e-book right now from Amazon or directly from Black Library!

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