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Mapping the Interior

Mapping the InteriorMapping the Interior by Stephen Graham Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Despite its short length, Stephen Graham Jones instantly and fully immerses you in this exceptional novella with his mastery of character, detail, and voice. I’m in awe of his abilities as a writer and have genuinely loved everything I’ve read by him. MAPPING THE INTERIOR is no exception. A story full of regret and longing, but also bravery and familial love, it takes you on a journey to places you won’t expect, filled with all the wonders and terrors that inhabit a child’s imagination. But are twelve-year-old Junior’s experiences just his imagination or something deeper and more profound, not to mention more dangerous? Only the neighbor’s dogs know, and they’re not telling. Highly recommended, and a great jumping-in point if you’re new to Jones’s work.

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