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Zod Wallop

Zod WallopZod Wallop by William Browning Spencer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Years ago, after the tragic death of his daughter, popular children’s author Harry Gainesborough spent time in a mental institution, where he wrote his most popular children’s fantasy novel, ZOD WALLOP. Now, his friends from the hospital, convinced everything in the novel is real, have broken out to search for Harry and drag him along on their quest. At first, Harry assumes it’s just their mental illness at work, but soon he’s seeing creatures and settings from his novel in the real world and doubting his own sanity.

I loved this novel! Like Spencer’s previous novel, RESUMÉ WITH MONSTERS, this one bursts with madcap energy and unbridled creativity. An audacious examination of reality, fiction, and the space in-between where imagination fills limitless bounds, ZOD WALLOP astonishes on every page. Wildly inventive with tons of heart, I consider it a must-read!

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