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The World’s Worst Assistant

The World's Worst AssistantThe World’s Worst Assistant by Sona Movsesian
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Written in the guise of a business how-to, THE WORLD’S WORST ASSISTANT is a very funny and surprisingly earnest memoir of Sona Movsesian’s ongoing career as Conan O’Brien’s assistant. Fans will know Sona well from filmed bits on Conan’s TBS show and as an important part of Conan’s podcast. She’s smart, she’s funny, she takes no shit, and her sharp comedic chemistry with Conan practically elevates her to celebrity status herself.

Don’t read it looking for a tell-all on Conan O’Brien. He and Sona are tight (even if they bicker constantly). There’s no dish here. But you should read it for a fun and sometimes embarrassing glimpse behind the scenes of Sona’s job and her life. Also, Conan comes off as a pretty great guy, which is refreshing to hear about a celebrity.

THE WORLD’S WORST ASSISTANT is fun, charming, and well written. Sona’s voice and sense of humor come through loud and clear. (Conan would say, “Emphasis on the loud.”) I really enjoyed it. It’s a fast, breezy read that will leave you smiling and, if you’re anything like me, racing to YouTube to watch Sona and Conan’s clips.

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