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Superhero Half Marathon

Have I mentioned that my wife has become a marathon-running machine? Not only did she do the More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon back in April, last weekend she and her friend Laura did another one: The Superhero Half Marathon and Relay in Morris County, New Jersey! Benefitting Meals on Wheels and the American Cancer Society, participants of the race were encouraged to dress up as superheroes, either established characters or one of their own making. Here’s Alexa as her own superhero, the Poison Dart (note the homemade frog symbol):

There are a bunch of fun pictures of the race itself and other costumes at Flickr! (Also, it was announced that they had created a new Guinness world record of most superheroes in one place with nearly 1,700 superheroes on site! Woohoo!)

Now Alexa is taking a much-needed break from marathons and resting up for the next one in October: the Divas Half Marathon in Long Island!

4 responses to “Superhero Half Marathon”

  1. Alexa says:

    Only half-marathons, sweetie. I’m not ready for the big times yet.

  2. Tony and Christiania says:

    Great costume! It looks especially well-designed for aerodynamics, especially with the lighting bolt as part of the costume! (Hey, any hero named the “Dart” would have to be fast.)

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